Western Job Growth

The Issue:

David Garcia says that Arizona’s job growth is lagging behind other western states.

What Garcia Said:

“Arizona’s job growth rate, while it looks impressive, is actually behind every single one of our other Western neighbors.”

Why You Should Be Concerned:

What Garcia said simply isn’t true. According the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Arizona’s job growth rate is higher than 8 of 13 western states since Governor Ducey took office:

  1. UT: 174.1k jobs (12.9%)
  2. NV: 152.4k jobs (12.3%)
  3. ID: 79.8k jobs (12.1%)
  4. WA: 337.2k jobs (10.9%)
  5. AZ: 262.7k jobs (10.1%)
  6. OR: 171.4k jobs (9.8%)
  7. CO: 233.1k jobs (9.3%)
  8. CA: 1,405.9k jobs (8.9%)
  9. HI: 39.3k jobs(6.2%)
  10. MT: 23.7k jobs (5.3%)
  11. NM: 19.2k jobs (2.3%)
  12. WY: -9.6k jobs (-3.2%)
  13. AK: -13.4k jobs(-3.9%)

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