Not Locking Up Criminals

The Issue:

David Garcia says that we shouldn’t lock up criminals if they are non-violent offenders.

What Garcia Said:

“Almost half of inmates are locked up for non-violent offenses in AZ. We need to stop locking up nonviolent offenders & work towards the goal of ending private prisons.”

Why You Should Be Concerned:

First, Garcia doesn’t have his facts straight. Roughly 25% of Arizona’s prison population is made up of “non-violent” offenders — NOT “almost half.”

Second, examples of so-called “non-violent” offenses include: possession of child pornography, fraud, auto theft, arson, felony DUI, identity theft and drug trafficking. David Garcia is proposing that we should stop locking up these criminals and allow them on the streets.

It’s important to work towards a responsible reduction in our prison population by taking steps to reduce crime, such as offering treatment for addiction and helping the homeless. But Garcia’s extreme position would endanger our communities.

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