Defund the Border Strike Force

The Issue:

David Garcia wants to eliminate resources for Arizona’s Border Strike Force, a successful partnership between state, local, and federal law enforcement aimed at stopping cartels and human traffickers.

What Garcia Said:

On 3TV’s Politics Unplugged, Garcia stated that he “would not use public resources” to continue Governor Ducey’s border security efforts. (3TV, 7/22/2018)

He has also talked in the past about eliminating border funding, including funding for the Border Strike Force, saying “I believe the governor should pull our resources from the border.” (KJZZ, 6/22/2018)

Why You Should Be Concerned:

Arizona’s Border Strike Force has been taking drugs, weapons, and money out of the hands of drug and human traffickers since 2015. They have an impressive track record of making Arizona safer. Just look at the stats:

Drugs Seized:

  • Pounds of marijuana: 60,641
  • Prescription pills: 14,249
  • Hits of heroin: 17.2 million
  • Pounds of fentanyl: 35

Rounds of ammunition seized: 173,885

Arrests made: 3,199

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